Weight Loss By Sleeping And Eating. NO Dieting, NO Exercise.



There was a study done by 2 group of people and they were given same calorific diet.The first group who slept for 8+ hour a day and other who slept for less than 8 hours a day. The group who slept for 8+ hours burnt 55% more fat whereas group who slept less than 8 hours lost muscle mass. Though weight loss was the same but one group burnt fat other lost muscle mass.

So, this part is about tricks to sleep well.
Firstly we need to understand the science of sleep and how to optimize it to lose weight.

The science behind sleeping.

  1. We need to understand that when we exercise in the gym it only acts like a trigger to growth but actual growth takes place when you sleep. Anabolic Hormones released during the sleep like IGF-1, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone. More you sleep better the secretion of these hormones takes place.
  2. The 2nd aspect of sleep science is Catabolic Hormones. Catabolism means destruction, the hormones which harm your growth in long run. One of the catabolic hormones is CORTISOL. Elevated levels of cortisol increase the fat deposition in our body in a longer run. So, your stubborn fat might be related to the fact that you are not sleeping well at night because when you have deprived sleep, cortisol even tends to go up.
  3. 3rd aspect is of hunger hormones Ghrelin and Leptin. When you don't sleep well the hunger hormone levels are all over the place. Ghrelin rises whereas Leptin levels reduce. This Imbalance in hunger hormone level in longer run cause a feeling of ‘never full’. This feeling mostly lead to overeating and hence weight gain.
  4. 4th and last aspect is not about your hormones but about your muscular system and nervous system. In any kind of training whether it may be weight training or resistance training your muscle and nervous systems works together, so when you have well slept then your nervous and muscular system works well in tandem (which is your reflex system). Sleep has a direct relation to your performance in the gym or any other exercise regime.


  1. GET RID OF ELECTRONICS WHEN YOU SLEEP - You need to understand that our body as a human being has evolved over a time period of more than 2000 years but it's only been 200 years that we have electricity. There are some hormones in our body which are released on basis of our external environment. There is a hormone called MELATONIN which is induced in our body when there is darkness around us and is also responsible for falling us to sleep. Our lifestyle nowadays is like surfing our phone before we sleep. With all the light of our phone entering in your eyes decreases the levels of melatonin hormone in our body depriving us of the quality sleep. So keep your phones away for at least 1 hour before you go to sleep. The Same logic applies with sleeping late at night which doesn't give you ample sleeping hours in the darkness of the night.
  2. AVOID STIMULANTS - Stimulants like Nicotine and Caffeine present in cigarettes, tobacco, cola, coffee, tea all should be avoided near your bedtime. None of this should be taken after 5 PM in my opinion
  3. SLEEP HYGIENE - By sleep hygiene I mean you need to create the best environment for you to have awesome sleep hours. For that firstly you need to cool your body down to an optimum temperature. This is because anabolic hormones and even melatonin hormone are produced in our body when our body temperature is a bit down. Secondly, you need to sleep in an environment with minimum possible sound. Make sure that your AC is not making noise or your partner is not snoring (Avoid disturbing if your partner is your wife).  Comfort is of utmost importance and this is according to what you like. Go for the most comfortable mattress and pillow you feel like.
  4. EXERCISE - You might complain here that this article was for the lazy fellows who don't want to workout, but believe me this is just for you to get tired and to have a great sleep.   


There are lot people out there who are cutting out their carbs and fat intake to reduce weight. So, what if I say you can eating keep eating whatever you were and still lose weight!. Fascinating isn't it?.
This is a very age old regime that our parents try and teach us to have a good digestion. It surely helps in digestion but nobody told you that it can help you reduce weight. It's as simple as chewing your every morsel at least 32 times. Slowly chewing your morsel of food rather than wolfing it down lets you feel full faster.
The science behind this technique is to give your brain 20 minutes for eating food. These 20 minutes are the time taken by the receptors in your body to send the signals of being full to your brain. Eating slow will make sure you don't overeat it this 20 minutes time span. Doing this will reduce the levels of cholesterols in your blood Also avoid drinking water in between. Sipping can be done but not more than that.

All in all, if your follow these two simple habits of health (sleeping and eating) you will surely have positive results. If followed meticulously it may even lead to losing 5-6 kg a month.


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