Diet for Healthy Hair

Proper food is essential for hair health.

  • Sprouted grain is rich in protein, it must be included in your meal. It will nourish your entire body as well as hair.
  • Olive or coconut oil massage is also beneficial for hair. If hair is not taken care of properly, it breaks down and falls.

Summer hair care during summer

Due to the sunshine and dusty air, the hair becomes rigid as well as rusty.
Our hair has to face most sunlight. In such a case, ultraviolet rays of the sun do not only burn our hair but also affects the natural protective layer of hair. You can follow these essential tips to minimize the damage.

  • Minimize the use of the dryer on your hair in the summer or avoid using it. If you want to use a hair dryer on your hair, then keep it in cold blow mode.

  • Cover the hair with a rubber cap while swimming, because chlorine present in the water causes damage to the hair.

Hair Care During Winter

  • Wear silk or satin scarves instead of wearing a woolen cap on the head. This will not break your hair.
  • Keep the hair open for some time.
  • The hair can also be rigid due to the use of heaters to control the temperature. Use the extra deep conditioner to remove this stupidity.
  • Use products that maintain the level of moisture in the hair.


It has been said so far that the skin is the cause of dandruff, but it is not correct if the expert believes. The cause of dandruff is that of a type of yeast that survives on the skin of the head or the head oil. Because of this, our head skin starts to fall quickly, which we call dandruff.
Dandruff remover Shampoo or other remedies can temporarily remove Dandruff but the problem comes back. Let's know about some home remedies which can prevent Dandruff as well as prevent it from coming back.
1. Take lemon-3 or 4 lemon peels and boil them in 4 or 5 cups of water for 15 to 20 minutes. When cooled, give the last rinse after washing the hair with this solution.

2. Soak methi (fenugreek) seeds in the night and grind it in the morning and apply it to the skin of the head and wash it after some time. All hair problems will benefit.

3. Vinegar- Dandruff also ends by applying vinegar and water in equal quantity. Apply this mixture overnight and shampoo in the morning.

4. Yogurt- Apply one small cup of curd on your scalp and leave it for one hour and then wash the head.

5. Aloe vera- Massaging aloe vera gel also cures several head skin problems.

6. Coconut oil- Adding one teaspoon lemon juice in 5 teaspoon coconut oil, Dandruff gets cured.

7. Neem leaves- Apply neem leaves without wetting the skin of the head and wash the head for a few times.

8. Egg- Break two eggs and massage the scalp of your head. Wash the head after half an hour.


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