Home remedies to treat Migrane

However, headache is a common disease that gets cured soon but the headache from migraine is unbearable. Brain disorders are one of the main causes of migraine headaches. Sound, light, vomiting and pain in the center of the head are the main symptoms. There are few home remedies for prevention of migraine pain.

Mint Oil - This oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that can give you relief in headache. Massaging it by keeping some drops on the tongue and putting some on your head gives relief from migraine.

Relax - Meditation is very effective in removing headache. Meditation will be the best way to treat migraine and stress.

Ice pack- Keep ice pieces in a pack and place them in the place of headaches. There are anti-inflammatory properties in the ice, which can cure headache. If you want, you can also make a pack of some cold cheese.

Increase Vitamin B intake - Brain disorders, which are the main cause of migraine, are often born from deficiency of vitamin B. Consumption of foods containing vitamin B can help relieve headaches. To avoid migraine, add foods containing vitamin B to your diet.

Use of herbs- Caffeine content such as drinking tea or coffee also provides relief in migraine. Use balm in headache. On the head massaging of the balm, blood circulation becomes normal and relief from Migraine.

Darkness in the room - Often, lightening increases headache. For this reason, migraine is also cured by sitting in dark and quiet rooms.


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