8 Home made Remedies For a fairer skin!.

Skin, Dark or Fair Depends on Skin Pigment Melanin. Melanin only determines the tone and color of your skin. The skin which causes excessive amounts of melanin is more likely to have a glowing skin and the skin which produces low melanin looks more dormant. The skin in which a small amount of melanin is released is called Hypo-pigmented Skin.
Dark skin is a hypopigmented skin because it contains a low amount of melanin pigment, and due to which the color of the skin becomes cloudy or black and there is no glow. However, nowadays due to sunlight in the polluted environment the color of the skin becomes cloudy or black. Called suntan Skin being too dark is not a sign of illness.
Those who have dark skins need more care. Not only this, it is also necessary to nourish your body in other ways with external care. Dark skin is not just due to lack of melanin. The skin color becomes like this even with consumption of cigarettes and alcohol.

Causes of Dark Skin

Home Remedies for Dark Skin

  1. SUNSCREEN: Apply sunscreen (SPF 30) half an hour before leaving the sun.
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2. LEMON SKIN: Lemon skin improves your skin shade. It also reduces dark spots. It also removes fine lines on the skin.

3.HONEY WITH LEMON: Mixing honey with lemon and milk. It helps your skin glow. You can also use honey with cucumber juice and curd also.

4. OATMEAL: Use of oatmeal will remove dust and dirt stuck in the pores of the skin. Mix oatmeal, turmeric, and mix it with water. Apply this paste on the skin. Wash with lukewarm water after drying.

5. TOMATOES: The use of tomatoes makes the color of the skin shine. It gives pink color to the skin. It absorbs oil from the skin and opens the closed hole.
6. POTATO: Potato works like a natural bleaching agent. It fits the tone of the skin. Potato face packs can be easily made at home.
7. SANDALWOOD: Sandalwood provides coolness to the skin. It also removes skin infections, rashes, bad skin, dark spots and other problems.
8.GRAM FLOUR WITH TURMERIC: Mix the gram flour and turmeric with water. Apply this coating on the face and wash with water after drying.
8. BAKED PAPAYA PASTE: Make a paste of baked papaya paste. Massage the face and wash it after 10 minutes. The face will glow.


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