Tips to prevent skin from Holi colours

harmful holi colors

People make most of the festival by playing with colours, water guns, water filled balloons, etc. But this vibrant festival can also cause damage to your skin.You may buy natural and herbal colours, but other people around you may not be so conscious about the quality of colours they use. Synthetic colours can cause rashes, itchy patches and dryness.
If it's true that the colours used in Holi causes a lot of allergies, irritations and break-outs later on, it is also true that with a little precaution and by following these simple tips, you'll be able to save yourself from any such occurrences. Here are few tips to make your Holi safe and joyful:
  1. ·         .While you dig out old clothes from your wardrobe, make you sure what you wear during the festival covers the maximum of your body so that there will be less of skin exposed. Preferably polo shirts or full-sleeved shirts and old trousers or denims.
  2. ·         Always use cold water to scrub off colours.Do not be too harsh on your skin or take frequent baths and wash your face often. This can make your skin dry.
  3. ·         Apply some coconut oil on your skin before your bath and gently scrub off the colour.
  4. ·         Do not scrub the colour off with soap. Opt for a mild cleanser and follow it up with a lot of moisturizing cream. If you feel any skin irritation during the process of taking off the colours, then take two tablespoons of calamine powder and mix it with a few drops of honey and rosewater to make a paste. Apply this on your face and once it has dried up, wash off with water and apply a moisturizer.
  5. ·         Keeping yourself hydrated is the trick. So keep drinking water, juices as well as glucose, should you feel the need of re-energising yourself. Dehydration causes your skin to dry and combined with harsh chemicals, the colour might seep into your skin.
  6. ·         Apply a moisturised soap with lukewarm salt water and add a drop of baby oil to it. Remember, you should never rub your face or your body vigorously. It will not help you in removing colours but will cause damage to your skin. A mix of gram powder (besan) with milk can also be used to remove traces of colour. For people who suffer from acne - wash you face with an antibiotic gel such as Clindamycin gel.


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