Local Planned Parenthood blasts Trump's abortion compromise

Faced with a financing agreement of Planned Parenthood, issued by President Donald Trump, the health providers blew his attacks on abortion access
As reported in the New York Times on Monday, Trump had promised his intention to reject the federal money for planned parenting when they abort abortion services.

The national family planning organization does not bite.
According to the New York Times:
"To make it clear the federal funds no longer pay for abortions," Dawn Laguens said, executive vice president of the American Family Planning Association on Monday. "Giving Money Planned Parenthood to leave our patients and our values is not an agreement that we will never accept. Providing basic health care to millions of American women is not negotiable.
Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaii issued a similar statement on Monday Seattlepi.com:
"The President's proposal today is divided to stop abortion providing the same as the request of the opponents of women's health has been growing for decades." This is part of the efforts of many years of access to end women only for the full range of reproductive services Health, légal.Planned abortion parenthood has always been strong against these attacks on our patients and their access to all health procréative.Pour be clear, no federal means goes to abortion first lieu.Cette proposal It strengthens this is the dial a safe and legal abortion ... Planned Parenthood has made tremendous progress to end up in improving access to preventants, reducing unwanted pregnancies and reducing the need for abortion.
Trump said he was in an anti-election position pro-choice in 2011 before returning to the New York Times.
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Planned parenthood receives approximately $ 500 million years in federal aid. Abortion is responsible for about 3 percent of their benefits, including cancer detection, access to contraceptives and pregnancy tests, and sexually transmitted infections, among many other services.

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