These herbal and Ayurvedic methods will boost your hair growth.

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It is a common belief that the hair does not grow again after the hair starts to fall. However, it is not like that. If you have a serious illness or you have hair fall due to chemotherapy or side effects of the medication then hair fall may not stop and the possibility of hair regrowth is less.But if there is no reason for this, if you are healthy inside and are taking proper care of the hair then hair growth will definitely be fixed. Hair regrowth is possible only when hair scalp and their hair (Follicle) are getting nutrition.
The roots of the hair are the most important part to get the nutrition. In oil, leaves and medicines made from natural herbs, there are unsurpassed properties that help a lot in hair regrowth.
Although medical science has developed so much that hair is being grown with stem shell therapy even in bald head. Hair Transplant is also being done, but these measures are quite expensive and are not easily available everywhere.
This is the reason that the easiest method is the Herbal and Ayurvedic.
Tips for Hair Regrowth.

Castor Oil and Biotin Therapy

The major reason for hair fall is the stress, depression and deficiency of vitamin B7 (biotin). To eliminate this problem, apply castor oil on the Scalp and eat biotin pills. This is the easiest therapy.
For the first time, try coconut oil, olive oil or any other oil with castor oil.Castor oil is slightly thick and it is necessary to mix other oils to make it slim. When oil is ready, then massage the hair roots.
Along with castor oil massage, vitamin B7 or biotin tablets can also be used regularly, then within 3 to 6 months, better results will be found. Hair growth will begin to grow. Keep in mind that vitamin B7 tablets do not eat more than 5 mg a day. Overdose can also have side effects.
health growth tips

Vitamin E Therapy

Apart from Vitamin B7, Vitamin E also provides great nutrition for hair growth. Vitamin E therapy is essential for both male and female hair nutrition. It also prevents hair fall disease. By eating Vitamin E tablets or oil containing Vitamin E, the speed of blood circulation increases in the root of the hair and the hair starts to grow again.
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Aloe Vera Mask and Coconut Oil

The combination of aloe vera juice and coconut oil is quite effective in hair growth. Mix both things in such a way that they become like a paste. Then place this paste like a hair mask. After applying a mask, massage the hair roots too.
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Onion and Garlic

Good quantity of sulfur is found in onion and garlic, which helps a lot in hair regression. Do not do anything special for this, just chop the onion and take out the juice and massage the root of the hair with this juice for 15 minutes.
On the other hand, you have to take some garlic seeds and mix it in coconut oil. Then boil it for a while. When it becomes frosty, it has to massage the root of the hair.
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Bhringaraj Oil

Massage hair from Bhringraj's oil. Hair will start coming soon.
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Jatamansi or Spikenard

This herb is used as a medicine for hair growth in Ayurveda. You can eat it like a capsule and it can also be applied directly to the hair root.
health growth tips


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