health benefits on ganja

Holi- That one time in the year when consuming marijuana is okay in public.
Yes bhang!, or weed, gaanja, cannabis or marijuana all are the same thing. So the adults sharing bottle of bhang are doing the same thing as the boys smoking pot.

Look at the dependence to damage scale of some addictive drugs.

X axis show you how dangerous a drug can be and y axis shows you the dependence potential or addictive nature of the drug.
Look carefully on the bottom left of the graph there is cannabis or bhang, and the right to it on the same height there is caffeine or coffee. So, this means caffeine is more harmful than cannabis and is same on the addictiveness levels.
From this chart you can also analyse the potential damage of alcohol/tobacco or heroin/cocain.
It's a fact that cannabis or ganja is less harmful than tobacco or heroin or even coffee for that matter.

People often categorise cannabis and cocaine in the same bracket of drugs, so there is a misconception that cannabis is as harmful as cocaine.

I personally do not condone or endorse the use of marijuana. If you google about it you will find a lot of biased articles about it. Some say its the worst thing and some say marijuana is ‘god sent’.
But I will give you an unbiased point of view and show you both negative and positive effects of marijuana.


1) Affects brain development in a long term, especially for children below 18.

2) Addictive:- We know that it is as addictive as coffee. Marijuana is not a physiologically addictive substance. Your body doesnt crave for it if havent done weed for a while but it is psychologically addictive i.e people just feel good about being high.

3) Affects your hormone levels- In guys it affects the testosterone levels. It causes a 5% change in your hormone levels for 24 hours. After 24 hours your hormone levels are back to normal.
Its still less than alchol which changes your hormone levels by 7% for 24-48 hours

4) All kind of smoke harms your lungs whether it may be cannabis or tobacco.

NOW, coming to the point of topic which is not discussed in our indian society as much. The

POSITIVES of Bhaang or Gaanja.

  1. Nature's biggest stress relievers- As your digestive system or respiratory system we also have ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM. This system is responsible for producing feel good hormones. You must have noticed that you feel good after exercising thats because of this system. ‘THC’ compound in weed also interacts with the receptors and produce same feel good hormone also responsible for the ‘kick’.
    Cannabis also helps in treating post traumatic stress (PTS) disorders. To die of cannabis overdose you need to take 680 kg of cannabis in 15 mins, I guess the same amount of milk in that time can be fatal too!!..

  1. Contains CBD(Cannabidiol)- CBD is nature’s biggest painkiller. UFC fighters take cannabis for the same reason. You can ask a doctor that many painkillers like ibuprofen has a huge side effect on your kidney and can even cause stomach ulcers if taken empty stomach, so why not go the natural way.

  1. Medicinal Marijuana - In USA and Canada marijuana is being used for medicinal purposes
    Used to treat - Nausea
                                 -weight gain
                                 - Cancer treatment
                                 - glaucoma
                                 - siezers
                                 - crohn’s disease
                                 - Muscle spasms
                                 - PSTDs
                                 - Anxiety attacks
          It's not new Indian ayurveda always knew it, but we have forgotten it as the most of the things we have.
GO traditional way and use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Occasional bhang is of no harm but don't make it a habit.


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