April 2, On world Autism day. Lets TALK!!..

This April 2, on World Autism Awareness Day, by and by we will "Light It Up Blue" and spend a few days talking about autism. In any case, for those of us who have children in this spectrum, each day is autism awareness day. For a considerable length of time, we have utilized this season of the year to concentrate on early signs, early intervention and inclusion. This emphasis has made the misinterpretation that autism impacts little children, thus a typical question that a significant number of us are inquired as to whether our kids are "still"autistic.

For the same reason, I believe that we have to move our concentration to teach our group from diagnosis to the difficulties confronted by autistic tweens, teens, grown-ups and the elderly. Unlike other problems, grown-ups in the range are living long lives and will outlive their parents. That is the reason post diagnosis, the biggest challenge that we confront as guardians are administering to caring for and securing our children while preparing them up to live in a world without us.

As the parent of an autistic boy, I can confirm the familiar adage, little children little issues, big children big issues. And keeping in mind that we value the social gains our kids have made.

Secondary school alternatives are limited, transportation choices are challenging,  living/lodging options are non-existent. At 22 our children must leave the government funded educational system and the main program accessible for a large number of kids in the range that are not advanced is at Florida International University Panther Life and Panther Plus, an astounding project that ought to be executed in the majority of our state schools and colleges.

So what will happen to autistic adults at 22?


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